Booze & Vinyl — Darlington Meet and Greet!

André and Tenaya Darlington are back at it again!

The Darlingtons have recently released their latest book, Booze and Vinyl: A Spirited Guide to Great Music & Mixed Drinks, and they will be coming to Philadelphia Distilling on May 12th from 2PM-6PM!

They’ll be hanging out in our retail store, signing and discussing their awesome new book. So come grab a drink and help support some of our favorite people!

About The Book

The book showcases 70 iconic albums from the 70 iconic albums from the 1930’s through 2000’s, organized in four mood-inspiring chapters: Rock, Dance, Chill, and Seduce. Every album includes a Side A and Side B cocktail to round out a two-drink listening session. Each entry also has liner notes about the artist, along with a party idea (“When to Spin”). And if you need some food to go along with the booze and the records, there are a few small-plate recipes throughout.

The cocktails range from simple two and three-ingredient standbys to a wide range of classic cocktails and some lesser-known gems. Booze and Vinyl has all the tricks for hosting a successful party: from batching cocktails to bar perch worth buying, making your own simple syrup and how to banish the fear of using eggs in drinks.