After a decade of solitary work in our original warehouse turned lab, we’ve put our process on display in our new distillery, where you can watch the spirits being made and sample the revolutionary results.

Bluecoat Gin Distillation Process


We start with a high proof neutral grain spirit Macerated with organic botanicals


Spirit is boiled to a vapor and condensed back into a liquid


Then travels through the spirit safe into our receiving tanks


Blended down to a 94 proof spirit


Sent to our bottling line


Crafted into Revolutionary cocktail

The Distillers

Hard work, high standards, and the people who make it happen.

Aaron Selya

Hometown: Philadelphia by way of Hatfield, PA, home of the “Smiling Porker™.”

I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Biochemistry, thinking I was going to spend my life by researching viruses. I tried working in academia, spending a few years as a lab tech at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. However, my interests were turning more and more towards making beer. When my life’s path brought me to Salt Lake City, I decided to change careers and try to get a job at a brewery. I worked as the Lead Cellarman at Epic Brewing for 3 years, managing the barrel program. Eventually Philly called me home. When the opportunity to work with Philadelphia Distilling arose, I jumped. Since then I’ve been cranking out gin, developing new spirits, and growing our barrel program.

Pastimes other than distilling: Cooking, reading comics, playing board games, drinking beer, catching Pokémon and too much TV.

Favorite historical site in Philadelphia: Bartram’s Gardens, the 45-acre National Historic Landmark that shares its namesake with the bitters we make.

Favorite hangout: Kensington Quarters, a great butcher shop, bar, and restaurant in the Fishtown neighborhood that always has interesting cocktails and beers on their menu and keeps my grill full of meat.

Ryan Scheswohl

Hometown: Philadelphia by way of Bensalem in Bucks County Pa

I’m a 36-yr old hardworking, blue-collar American man who started my career as an electrician. Growing up with a passion for skateboarding ultimately led me to drink malty alcoholic beverages. A long time friend was a brewer, so when the skate session was over we would go sample some of his beers and, oh boy, were they delicious. After learning how to brew from him, another one of my buddies (who had a still on a farm) taught me the process and the science behind making hooch. Growing up skateboarding you see architecture in a different light, which helps your mind become more creative, and I took that ability to the world of spirits, mixing the ingredients in an artistic way. Then I got hooked on the idea of making concoctions to share with my friends. So naturally I wondered: How can I make this a fulltime job instead of grinding it out in the trenches as an electrician? But after a year of sending out resumes, I gave up on my dream. Then one day, through a close friend, I learned Bluecoat needed another member of the team, and that’s when yours truly launched his dreams of becoming a distiller. Now, I get to live it fulltime and still run my own electrical company.

Pastimes other than distilling: Skateboarding, motorcycles, camping, shooting darts

Favorite historical site in Philadelphia: Callowhill and New Market Streets, where the old John F. Betz brewery once was. It’s the birthplace of the first ever porter made in America, and the place where our founding fathers of the country guzzled by the pint as they wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Favorite hangout: Tattooed Moms, an old school skateboard bar in the city where no rules apply to the nightlife atmosphere.

Nick Sadowski

Hometown: Philadelphia by way of Burlington, NJ, the coat capital of the world.

I went to community college, but hated it, so took a few years off to work. However, there was nothing there for me, so I went back to community college, and eventually graduated from Temple, studying audio production. After graduation, I worked in an office for two years being an administrative assistant and still don’t know how I did it. Then after a variety of odd jobs, I ended up splitting my time between an AV job and helping out at local breweries. From there, I came to join the other distillers at Philadelphia Distilling—and while the change has been different, it’s really most excellent.  I’m loving it.

Pastimes other than distilling: Nerd stuff, like hiking, camping, snowboarding, traveling, making/drinking beer, and anything that’s dope AF

Favorite historical site in Philadelphia: The Mutter Museum of Medical Oddities, that place is wackadoo.

Favorite hangout: Barcade, because the vintage video games goes perfectly with the dweeb I am. Also, Penn Treaty Park:  It’s  been my playground since I left home and lost a yard of my own to play in.

Jack Falkenbach

Hometown: I grew up just outside the city in Media, PA, also known as ‘Everybody’s Hometown.’

Pastimes other than distilling: When I’m not making booze, I’m usually making tunes or food. If I’m home, I’ve either got the barbecue grill fired up out back or the Fender Rhodes fired up in the living room.

Favorite historical site in Philadelphia: I love my walk to work in the mornings, especially in the spring when everything starts to bloom. There are two little gardens tucked away right between Independence Hall and Carpenter’s Hall that I go out of my way to walk through – the Rose Garden and the Magnolia Garden, both beautiful hidden gems.

Favorite hangout: If I’m in the mood for a cocktail, Friday Saturday Sunday is my go-to, hands down. But more often than not, I’m in the mood for my friendly neighborhood dive bar, which means 12 Steps Down.

Olivia Babiec

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

I came up to Philadelphia for school, and haven’t left since. I graduated with a BS in Hospitality Management, so distilling was a happy accident I fell into. Senior year of college, I got a distilling internship here at Philadelphia Distilling and then worked for a different distillery after graduation before coming back to PD again. Now, the rest is history.

Pastimes other than distilling: Rowing, working out, sleeping or at the movies. If it’s nice out, you can catch me on my roof deck, tending to all my plants or just reading in the sun.

Favorite historical site in Philadelphia: In my opinion, nothing is more beautiful than Boathouse Row. Whether looking at it all lit up from across the river, or checking out the city skyline from inside as the sun is rising over the art museum.

Favorite hangout: Anywhere in the city that is walkable.